The Carolina Region Gang on ramp over to docks on Lake Monroe in Statesville, NC. Me and Cheryl are over on the far left. I had set the iPhone camera up on tripod and had to run around and make it in 10 seconds. It took 2 tries but finally made it!

Cheryl and I had a fantastic meet-up with the CLC Carolina Region Saturday at member Rich and Gail Neary's Lake Monroe Pavilion.    We made a two day weekend of it, staying at a nearby Hilton Garden Inn, with our two Yorkies then heading home today.  We drove the 2013 Escalade EXT - ET2Brute' which of course made the 150 mile trek like a boss with it's 403 hp 6.2 Liter pushing that 6,000 lb vehicle effortlessly down Interstate 40. 

The weather was picture perfect, food was great, but the company was even better! If you like Cadillacs and have not joined the CLC and a CLC region you are missing a world of fun. As much as  I like posting on forums and sharing information there is nothing like meeting up in person.  Yeah, we like our Cadillacs and even brought a few as seen below but the fun is just hanging out and enjoying the camaraderie with others that have a similar passion.

So that's my ramble about a great weekend with our Carolina Region Cadillac Family.  I will leave you with a few of the Cadillacs and the Carolina Gang:


Rich & Gail Neary's 1957 Fleetwood


Tim Crosswhite's 1978 Eldorado

10837957652?profile=RESIZE_710xGlenn & Doris Simmons' 1995 Eldorado Touring Coupe



We had my Yorkies Priscilla & Presley on hand to help keep things under control.


Cheryl Edge with Doris Simmons

10837963082?profile=RESIZE_710xNo one left hungry!



Rich Neary's Birthday Cake



View of the Lake. It had been lowered in anticipation of rain from Hurricane Ian.



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